Coaching aids in the discovery journey as you reflect and choose paths  toward a more ideal state.  As you partner with the coach to find new insights, you understand the acts needed to deepen and move you forward.


Coaching vs. Mentoring

Coaching is a process of discovery. The coach aids in that process by asking powerful questions and serving as your advocate to evoke transformation.  Mentoring is a relationship where wisdom is shared in one direction from the mentor to the mentee.  Actions are suggested based on the mentor’s experience.


What to Expect During Coaching?

A coaching engagement usually is 3-6 months meeting every 2-4 weeks for one hour. The cadence of meetings will be determined by you and your coach. The sessions can be held in your office, by phone or a neutral location jointly determined.


The Initial Meeting:

  • Discuss what is involved in coaching
  • Determine if coaching is right for you now
  • Decide if the coach is a good chemistry mix


The First Coaching Meeting:

  • A confidentiality contract will be discussed and signed by both parties
  • The Professional Wheel of Life exercise or other assessments will be presented to review your current state
  • A discussion of what is important to you or your values
  • Jointly establish goals for your coaching sessions
  • Determine cadence of meetings


On-going Coaching Meetings:

  • Debrief the coach on what has transpired since last coaching session
  • Update on goals progress or actions completed
  • Discuss areas you want to coach on for the session
  • Establish actions until next session