Cathy has been my coach through possibly the biggest transition of my life, the move away from my corporate career to starting my own business. Cathy’s mix of compassion and relentless dedication to be in service of me and my growing into this new life has been incredibly valuable.  She brings a unique kind of mix of her corporate background with her naturally intuitive and sensing abilities that get to the root of where I’m stuck.  And!…I’m doing it.  It’s happening.  It’s really really happening and Cathy has been a huge part of getting me here.  Thank you Cathy!”

  ̴Lisa M. Baker, Former, IT PM – Current, Founder of Lisa B Simplified LLC


“This is different from any counseling I’ve ever had and I’m feeling hopeful!“ 

   ̴ B. Smith, Principal Graphic Designer


“So, I couldn’t take this immediately!  The judging piece is fascinating…this alone provides so much perspective and makes me feel better that it is not just me.   One of the key excerpts I read:  “Does your Judge warn you that you would turn into a lazy, unambitious, unaccountable, complacent, or selfish being without it kicking your butt constantly?  This is a key rationale the Judge uses to stay in power. This is a fundamentally cynicial view that believes you, and human beings in general, will only do the right thing under pressure, or out of fear of guilt, shame, or negative consequences.  This cynical view ignores the enormous untapped Sage powers within you and the fundamental nature of your essence.”

“Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to work with you to become a better, more self-aware me.  I have always been really honest with myself, even if I was putting on for the masses; but, I have learned so much about myself since working with you…it’s actually shocking.”

̴ Felecia G., Sr. Manager, Sales Operations


“Thank you for bringing your team, expertise and passion to our company.  We are all grateful for the contribution you made to our leadership team.  I learned a great deal and enjoyed each session”.

̴Jason E., Vice President