Assessing Your Needs:

We can serve as your Consulting Partner, Program Developer or Facilitator.   

What’s different about our approach for consulting?  We do not believe in using a formulaic model or latest trend to be applied as a one size fits all for our clients.  Our experience has proven that each business does have a unique culture, which is essential to understand before launching a new business process, or a change in its structure.   Most consulting firms provide the data, present the vision or new strategy and then leave without actually partnering with their clients to help guide them in effectively moving forward.

So what sustains the change and provides support during the process?

 The forgotten element… is the people within the organization. They long to be engaged, valued and included when change is necessary. Whether your need a consultant partnership or a facilitated program to promote a collaborative and change-ready work environment, it can be customized for your organization. See below for a summary of available options:

Services for Profit & Nonprofit Entities


Building Leadership Capacity for Emerging Leaders in Transition

A facilitated program designed to identify potential leaders through assessment, coaching and leader development.

  • Select and Assess leadership traits

  • Individual coaching for self-awareness and establishing goals

  • Manager Bootcamp – Fundamentals

  • Servant Leadership

  • Overview of Regulatory Requirements

  • Hiring and Interviewing – Rewiring our brain to uncover subconscious bias

  • Developing an Onboarding Plan – Expectations

  • Performance Management Practicum

  • Building Relationships through Communication

Career Development and Goal Setting – How to Have Meaningful Conversations

A facilitated program designed to provide the structure for career development and goal setting conversations for people leaders with employees.

Navigating Change in the Workplace

A workshop designed to introduce project leaders to basic change management to guide leaders in understanding the “emotional” side of change using tools for stakeholder analysis, action plan, monitoring and sustainability.

Performance Management

A facilitated program designed for building manager confidence in managing employee performance effectively. This can be used as a refresh or stand-alone program.

  • Setting/Re-setting Expectations

  • Establishing SMART goals

  • Creating a climate of accountability

  • Addressing employee performance and/or behaviors


StrengthsFinder Workshop

A program designed for identifying the strengths within a team to improve collaboration using the StrengthsFinder Assessment.

  • Strengths finder assessment of individuals and teams

  • Identifying key themes

  • Developing an action plan for the team to capitalize on identified strengths

Decision Making

A program designed to aid teams in making Effective Decisions based on facts in a collaborative environment, which includes:

  • Brainstorming the Options

  • Determining Risks

  • Ranking

  • Establishing parameters for Analysis

  • Making the decision and moving forward.

Career Development and Goal Setting

A facilitated program designed to provide the structure for career development and goal setting conversations for non-exempt employees.