Are You Leading or Following?

What’s the latest trend in leadership?  We are often bombarded with messages that “this” is how to or “that” is how to lead and be successful.  Then, before you know it, the next trend swings the pendulum to an opposite direction.  So what methodology is best?

There’s nothing wrong with looking at the latest trend, but here’s the problem.  If we can study our way to becoming great leaders, why isn’t everyone who reads Good to Great known as a great leader?

Methodology is only a small part of the art of leadership. The secret to being a great leader is found when one is willing to be vulnerable enough to explore oneself.  Before applying any methodology we must know in intimate detail the beliefs and values that guide us.  Self-discovery takes time, but it is so worth it! When we see clearly who we are and how we want to show up as a leader, we Identify our own uniqueness.  This is profoundly empowering.  Now we lead from the place of faithfulness to our own values rather than following the latest leadership trend.

If you find yourself following rather than leading, the best way to move forward is to engage a professional coach.  He or she can guide you through the discovery process.




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